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In praise of geeks

One of my favourite radio programmes is Laurie Taylor’s Thinking Allowed on Radio 4… it manages to hit a nice middle ground of eclectic, intelligent discussion without going full-on academic. A recent edition focused on the concept of fandom, specifically … Continue reading

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Youtube closes down for the night

There’s probably a whole generation of Youtube users who won’t understand any of the references here, but this video by Eddie Robson made me chuckle with nostalgia…

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But first on BBC1, some casual racism…

Just as I started writing about Nick Griffin’s controversial appearance on Question Time, I checked Twitter and saw this quote from Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 News… @krishgm Anti-fascist protesters break into the BBC. Is it me or are people … Continue reading

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Tiny people running around in my computer!

Despite my initial indignant bluster, with much projectile monocle-shedding and rustling of the Times, I dutifully paid for the online feed of the Ukraine-England match. The £4.99 buy-by-Wednesday special offer rate, of course… I’m both tight-fisted and slightly sceptical about … Continue reading

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Daily Mail vs. BBC, Round 347

Just like the whole Ross/Brand/Sachs nonsense, this controversy over Carol Thatcher’s golliwog “joke” should probably have been a bit of a non-story… “BBC broadcaster makes inappropriate remark, receives slap on wrist, apologises, gets on with life.” But of course, these … Continue reading

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Oliver Postgate 1925-2008

Bagpuss and Ivor creator dies (BBC) A man whose quirky, homemade short films can still take me to a nostalgic place where I’m eight years old, all is right in the world and there’s going to be lots of snow … Continue reading

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Sorry to go on about this, but…

In light of my own plea to “JUST LET IT LIE!” I suppose this is a bit hypocritical, but I couldn’t resist recommending the responses of two of my favourite comedy writers to the Granddaughtergate Scandal… David Mitchell – How … Continue reading

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The world has gone mad #472

So, unless you’ve been getting a bit too interested in the old global financial meltdown, you’ll have noticed the whole Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross prank phone call affair. I decided to reserve judgement until I’d actually heard the prank … Continue reading

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I know the Chancellor’s dull, but…

Is Ed Stourton feeling the pinch after yesterday’s budget? From an “in the next hour” preview on this morning’s Today programme… and we’ll ask if it’s time to revive the children’s adventure story… and the chancellor, Alistair Darling Nah, I’d … Continue reading

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“Hello darling, I’m on the front page”

Although I dislike Jeremy Clarkson and the whole BLOKES TALKING ABOUT BLOKEY THINGS AND CALLING A SPADE A SPADE IN A LOUD SMUG VOICE subculture he seems to have inspired, this makes me feel uneasy… Police probe Clarkson phone photo … Continue reading

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