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First impressions… iPod Shuffle 4th gen.

No, I don’t normally do hardware reviews here, especially not of computery-type stuff, but hey, here’s the exception… I may have mentioned before that one of my favourite Apple products is the iPod Shuffle. I got a 1st generation Shuffle … Continue reading

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First impressions… Google+

It’s no longer a surprise to see Google doing their own version of just about every other Internet Big Thing. They’ve probably seen what Mark Zuckerberg is worth these days, hence the launch of something that, on initial investigation, looks … Continue reading

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Filtering the noise

Even assuming Twitter doesn’t go all evil on us, there are going to have to be some changes even to maintain the current level of useability (whatever your opinion of that). Even if the userbase doesn’t change, the rising popularity … Continue reading

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It’s not about you, Twitter, it’s about us

Dear Mr Twitter, If you prevent people from accessing your social networking facility via third-party clients (such as Tweetie, Tweetdeck, Dabr, etc) I will simply stop using you. There’s evidence around various websites and social networks today to suggest that … Continue reading

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Using WordPress in a subdomain?

This is pretty niche stuff, but I’m posting it just in case someone else happens to find it useful… If your WordPress blog lives in a subdomain (this one is at, not you may well have problems upgrading … Continue reading

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Lame browser, Dave.

The government has decided it’s quite happy to keep using Internet Explorer 6 as its official web browser of choice. A nine-year-old piece of software that never adhered to commonly agreed standards of usability even back in 2001. So when … Continue reading

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Netbook/notebook advice, anyone?

Nicola’s wondering about getting a netbook or another similarly low-spec laptop… if anyone can offer any advice, we’d be most grateful. The only major requirements are that she can do her writing on it and have WiFi for backups. We … Continue reading

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Tiny people running around in my computer!

Despite my initial indignant bluster, with much projectile monocle-shedding and rustling of the Times, I dutifully paid for the online feed of the Ukraine-England match. The £4.99 buy-by-Wednesday special offer rate, of course… I’m both tight-fisted and slightly sceptical about … Continue reading

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My new screenshot trick

I’ve been using OSX almost since the start (and old-style Macs for a few years before that) so I always tend to skim the “Mac 101″ posts on TUAW. But having idly followed one of their links to the Pro … Continue reading

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Kids say the FUNNIEST things!!!!!!

One of my personal bugbears is that old cliché, “My five-year-old can set the video recorder; I don’t even know where to put the tape in”. As well as being a mainstay of mainstream stand-up comedy from the late 80s, … Continue reading

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