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Pete Townshend – John Peel lecture

Pete Townshend gave the inaugural John Peel Lecture yesterday. I was initially rather surprised by the choice of Townshend. Peel, it seems to me, stood for the fearless exploration of new music and the blurring of the received boundaries between … Continue reading

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The return of the album?

I’ve seen a couple of BBC radio and TV news items about the Classic Album Clubs running in a few British pubs. A reaction to the one-song-at-a-time ADHD listening habits fostered by the downloading culture, the clubs have an atmosphere … Continue reading

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Trish Keenan RIP

So sad to hear that Trish Keenan has died from complications caused by the H1N1 virus. I think I get a bit blasé about “celebrity” deaths, as the people seem so distant and unreal, but this really shocked me. Trish … Continue reading

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The Roundhouse Zappa festival

At risk of spreading myself too thinly, I also have a couple of Posterous blogs. One of them, SFORZO is just a daft little photoblog for little snaps as I’m bumbling through life. The other one is where I babble … Continue reading

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Custom Transcription – new site

My little freelance transcription sideline is always a going concern, but while we’ve all been putting a lot of energy into jamtrackcentral I haven’t really done much to market myself. There hasn’t even been a website for about two years, … Continue reading

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In praise of geeks

One of my favourite radio programmes is Laurie Taylor’s Thinking Allowed on Radio 4… it manages to hit a nice middle ground of eclectic, intelligent discussion without going full-on academic. A recent edition focused on the concept of fandom, specifically … Continue reading

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No, THIS is England!

If you’re on Facebook, you can’t have failed to notice the groups with names like “ENGLAND SHIRTS BANNED IN ENGLISH PUBS!”, “ENGLAND FLAGS BANNED BECAUSE THEY OFFEND ISLAMS”, “LICKLE KIDDIES CALLED RACISTS FOR SUPPORTING ENGLAND”, and so on, ad nauseam. … Continue reading

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This blog’s accompanying Posterous

While I’m treading water, dealing with a sudden workload and thinking of more stuff to write about, I’ll draw your attention to my Posterous site… I like Posterous… it’s such a simple, flawless blog platform, and the simplicity of … Continue reading

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The music industry must die, part 293

Lily Allen’s contradictory stance on filesharing was just a bit of silliness, but this is really, really stupid. Edwin Collins stopped from sharing his music online (Guardian) Despite astutely retaining the rights to his downright catchy hit “A Girl Like … Continue reading

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Dan Bull’s musical open letter to Lily

Oh, and on the subject of my last post, the scandal they’re (oh okay, I’m) now calling Lilygate has developed further. After a major toys-out-of-the-pram moment she’s now made a rather more dignified adjustment to her original stance. Not that … Continue reading

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