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Dates for your diary…

Oops, sorry. Custom Transcription work has been a bit hectic recently, and I’ve been neglecting all this sort of online social stuff. Anyway… The world is going to end on 21 October, by which time we’ll have spent five months … Continue reading

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It happens every year!

… that is, the self-important media pronouncements about our inability to cope with the snow. Why we’re a laughing stock with the rest of the world – David Jones, Daily Mail This bursting urge to point out our national shortcomings … Continue reading

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Catching up, post-summer 2010

Blimey, didn’t intend that to be quite such a long blog hiatus. That’s summer for you, I guess… there are always plenty of alternatives to sitting in front of a computer, typing shite. Not that I haven’t been doing any … Continue reading

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Facebook lies

I suppose we already know that they like to play fast and loose with our personal data, so it’s not surprising that a few people have been noticing something like this recently… Er, no I haven’t! It’s hardly worth getting … Continue reading

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Weird Youtube behaviour

Youtube has been doing weird things to my web browser for a while now. Anyone else getting anything like this? 1. I start off following a link to a video. Here’s an example… Video 1 2. I’m then interested in … Continue reading

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Today’s exciting news

I always mean to blog more about general news stories, but there just isn’t enough time in the day. However, so many interesting and truly significant issues have caught my attention today, so here’s a summary… Was Shakespeare French? (BBC … Continue reading

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Youtube closes down for the night

There’s probably a whole generation of Youtube users who won’t understand any of the references here, but this video by Eddie Robson made me chuckle with nostalgia…

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If elected, I will be lovely.

In one of those moments of sudden clarity, when the brain (well, my brain, anyway) spontaneously deconstructs some mundane truism or other, I wondered… Why are party conferences given so much coverage in the media? It’s a bunch of paid-up … Continue reading

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Yes, I realise I’ve written nothing on here for a month. A mixture of house buying/selling and all the stupid bureaucratic box-ticking crap involved, a week of pure air and sunshine in the Swiss alps (to recover from the former) … Continue reading

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The only pig in the village

Actually, forget local news. Who needs it when international news agencies produce stuff of this quality? Afghanistan’s only pig quarantined in flu fear (via Peter Serafinowicz)

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