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Tiny people running around in my computer!

Despite my initial indignant bluster, with much projectile monocle-shedding and rustling of the Times, I dutifully paid for the online feed of the Ukraine-England match. The £4.99 buy-by-Wednesday special offer rate, of course… I’m both tight-fisted and slightly sceptical about … Continue reading

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A foretaste of 2012?

I’m already quite excited about the 2012 Olympics. I mean… the OLYMPICS! IN THE CITY WHERE I LIVE! Apart from the inevitable public transport cock-ups and ridiculous prices, how can that be anything but EXCITING? And if the GB medal … Continue reading

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Olympic heartbreak of the day

In this first (and probably last) instalment of an exciting and emotionally draining new series, I bring you the sad story of Russian weightlifter Svetlana Tsarukaeva. Lifting in the Women’s 63kg Snatch category (stop giggling at the back!) she hoisted … Continue reading

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Tennis to become watersport by 2009

As if the drastic state of British tennis wasn’t bad enough*, the charmingly unflustered protocols of the All England Lawn Tennis Club have come in for some justifiable criticism this week. Like the opening of Parliament or an episode of … Continue reading

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Tiger Tim bares his teeth

When Tim Henman spoke frankly about British tennis and how we are far too “accepting of mediocrity”, it was inevitable that the massed clever dicks of the press would swap their knowing nudges and winks. Despite the insinuation, though, Henman … Continue reading

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Jonathan Edwards seems like a nice bloke, but he’s probably not quite ready for top TV sports punditry just yet. Commentating on the men’s high jump in the Olympics, he produced this piece of classic Alan Partridge… “And here is… … Continue reading

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Fashion nostalgia in the 2004 Olympics

It’s Olympics time again! As usual, I’m taking a fairly casual interest (apart from football and tennis, I tend not to watch all that much sport on TV) just browsing the BBC’s excellent multi-channel online/tv output and watching a little … Continue reading

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Rain delays

Yeah, yeah… I know. It’s been nearly two weeks since I wrote anything here. I’ve been watching the tennis, okay? Living in Britain, it’s impossible to escape the Henman-related hyperbole of the press, but I’m just not even going to … Continue reading

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