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Streamlining the UK, one plug at a time…

From the “improve our lives by addressing the mundane and everyday” department… Folding Design Flattens the Fatty UK Plug (Gizmodo) That’s just totally wonderful. The whole design is impressive, but the Big Grin Moment for me is when the folded … Continue reading

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Spotify on the go!

As a huge fan of Spotify, I couldn’t help letting out a little squeak of excitement at the news of a forthcoming mobile version. But then the cold light of rationality hits me and I wonder how practical this is … Continue reading

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Infinite Summer

… or “why I love Twitter #237″. One of my Twitter friends (or followers, if you prefer) is the groovy solo bassist Steve Lawson. In one of his tweets he mentioned his namesake. I’m a nosey Twitterer, and regularly follow … Continue reading

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Useful: Preamp valve outputs

This is probably only of use to the most insufferably geeky guitarist, but I’m putting it here mostly so I can use the URL in delicious. It also shows what a wonderful thing Twitter is… @hifitubes_org 12AX7 (gain of 100) … Continue reading

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Why we need experts

Let me introduce you to Expert Village. A few mates and I have been swapping links from this exciting site recently, amazed at the high quality of tuition on their videos. Experts in a wide variety of subjects share their … Continue reading

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Instead of just wittering…

… I’ve now switched to Twittering No idea if this is going to be something I’ll end up sticking with… you just can’t tell with these clever Web 2.0 thingies. It took me a while to get the urge to … Continue reading

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Next time you change your ISP…

… consider how you’d feel about them signing up to Cleanfeed, the “Great Firewall of Britain”, which prevents access to websites blacklisted by the Internet Watch Foundation. At present, six UK ISPs are filtering web content in this way… Virgin … Continue reading

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iTunes 8

Although I see more and more things to dislike about iTunes with each major update, I’m usually thankful to Apple that these “features” can be hidden or disabled. I just want a program that stores and catalogues my music and … Continue reading

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It was 30 years ago today

Unhappy birthday Spam! (But not the edible variety, which is much older)

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Google Analytics is ruining my internets!

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed that some fairly big-name websites are loading a lot more slowly than they used to. Looking at the status bar on my browser, the line “waiting for” seems almost always to be the problem. … Continue reading

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