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Custom Transcription – new site

My little freelance transcription sideline is always a going concern, but while we’ve all been putting a lot of energy into jamtrackcentral I haven’t really done much to market myself. There hasn’t even been a website for about two years, … Continue reading

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Gibson’s New Coke?

Back in blogging mode, and I must apologise to non-guitarist readers, as this is a bit guitar-geeky. This month’s big guitar news has been the deal between Gibson and Janie Hendrix, sister of the legendary Jimi, and senior honcho at … Continue reading

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Les Paul 1915-2009

It was probably inevitable that the mainstream media would focus on Les Paul’s connection with the solidbody electric guitar, in some cases almost implying that he invented the electric guitar. The average evening news viewer has little concept of multi-track … Continue reading

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Selling my Tokai Love Rock

Yep, I’m so bad at selling guitars that I’m now selling another! This is an early noughties Japanese Love Rock, model LS95F, and obviously it’s left-handed. The “F” indicates that there’s a thin flamed sycamore veneer on top of the … Continue reading

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Selling my JJ Retro

I’ve never been particularly good at selling guitars. Despite my best attempts at rationality, and despite not usually being a sentimental person, I always seem to find myself erring on the side of nostalgia and emotional attachment. They’re just tools, … Continue reading

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Useful: Preamp valve outputs

This is probably only of use to the most insufferably geeky guitarist, but I’m putting it here mostly so I can use the URL in delicious. It also shows what a wonderful thing Twitter is… @hifitubes_org 12AX7 (gain of 100) … Continue reading

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This one is specifically for guitarist friends… I don’t know about you, but as a big fan of Greg Howe’s playing, I’ve always loved his improvisation on the classic old pop tune Sunny. I had a burst of mental energy … Continue reading

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Does Satch have a case?

Although my days of listening wide-eyed to Joe Satriani are long gone (I haven’t really enjoyed anything he’s done since 1995) I was still pretty surprised to see his name appear on the BBC website. Satch vs Coldplay in plagiarism … Continue reading

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Jazz guitar without tears

Ooh, forgot to mention before… if you’re looking to pick up some jazz guitar skills, but have no idea where to start, my friend Matt is bloggishly documenting his own chronologically accurate journey of discovery… Swing to Bop

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Remembering to play guitar

What with the football, a week in the Lake District, a number of weekends away and the general stream of transcribing, guitar-magazining and bluesjamtracking, I just haven’t really done much guitar playing recently. That is to say, I always have … Continue reading

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