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The secret of audiophile sound… in your wardrobe

I’m sure every industry has its share of snake-oil and bad science; the music/audio industry is certainly no exception. This made me giggle… Audiophiles can’t tell the difference between Monster Cable and coat hangers ( It doesn’t surprise me, to … Continue reading

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Are you familiar with Audioscrobbler? It’s a little tool that works with your computer’s media player (iTunes, Winamp, etc) and uploads your listening habits to a central website. That way, you can marvel at the number of times you’ve listened … Continue reading

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Slow Gilmourish Jam

Lacking any concrete musical ideas recently, I decided to try and resurrect my atrophied improvisation abilities. A recurrent trait in my playing is that, after periods of less-than-diligent practice, I tend to “burble”. The technique is there, but the mental … Continue reading

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In the long, speculative build-up to the announcement of the iPhone, my attitude varied between mild intrigue and real excitement. As the sort of mobile phone user for whom being able to talk to people is one of the least … Continue reading

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I was just thinking about XML syndication (y’know… all the RSS feed stuff) and how I’ve come to rely upon it. Having initially been baffled as to the point of the whole thing, I then gave NetNewsWire a try, and … Continue reading

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Lossless gains for iTunes?

From Gizmodo… Apple Lossless on the Way to iTunes? Having whined at length about the service offered by Apple’s iTunes Music Store, I certainly hope so. Tracks encoded at 128kbps are fine for quick’n’easy download purposes, but pretty pathetic when … Continue reading

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One of my (rare) Keith Flett moments

A letter to the Guardian… As Patrick Collinson says, the legality of Russian download provider is questionable, but his dogmatic insistence that “real music fans should choose legal services” is simplistic and reminiscent of music industry propaganda. While the … Continue reading

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Like we didn’t see this one coming…

Having spent $580m on the networking site (and ego boost for bored teenagers) MySpace last year, Rupert Murdoch is starting to make his presence felt. According to the Guardian, he’s removed 200,000 “objectionable” user profiles from the site. This is … Continue reading

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I, for one, welcome our new all-seeing rock overlords

From the BBC… “… British agents retrieving data from a fake rock planted on a Moscow street” Now, I can’t claim to be an expert on espionage, but doesn’t this seem to be rather an unreliable approach to learning state … Continue reading

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lol!!!1!! ur spam skillz0rs are like so not 1337, d00d

For some reason, the standard spam filter in my email program has been fooled on several occasions today. First, there were around 20 instances of a Viagra/Cialis advert, poorly disguised as an undelivered mail. Then came 25 instances of the … Continue reading

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