Infinite Summer

… or “why I love Twitter #237″.

One of my Twitter friends (or followers, if you prefer) is the groovy solo bassist Steve Lawson. In one of his tweets he mentioned his namesake. I’m a nosey Twitterer, and regularly follow links to people I’ve never heard of, so I clicked over to this other Steve Lawson’s Twitter page and then to his literary blog.

And there I learned all about Infinite Summer, a group readathon (sorry!) of David Foster Wallace’s huge novel ‘Infinite Jest’. Now, I’m a big fan of the book, having read it twice (the first time haltingly and with great bewilderment; the second time with ever-growing admiration) but there’s a lot to digest, so it should be interesting to read it again with the benefit of other people’s comments and a general community vibe.

So ner to all those people who dismiss Twitter as either a bunch of celebrity stalkers or self-obsessed wankers who want the world to know what they had for lunch.

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2 Responses to Infinite Summer

  1. Steve says:

    It’s an amazing book. I’ll probably give it another read this Summer, but the commenting… I’m not sure. Everything is over analysed; and I’m sure the majority of writers just write, without giving too much thought to deep underlying meaning and motives.

    Here’s a fascinating interview he did with Charlie Rose:

    He seems such a self-conscious and honest character. He will be sadly missed.

  2. I just noticed your link to me today. Glad I could make you aware of Infinite Summer. I’m enjoying my second time through Infinite Jest.

    Of course, I’m in full agreement about the wonderfulness of Twitter and similar sites. My friendship with the London Steve Lawson is a perfect example of the random but meaningful connections we can make on the web.

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