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Today’s exciting news

I always mean to blog more about general news stories, but there just isn’t enough time in the day. However, so many interesting and truly significant issues have caught my attention today, so here’s a summary… Was Shakespeare French? (BBC … Continue reading

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Why we need experts

Let me introduce you to Expert Village. A few mates and I have been swapping links from this exciting site recently, amazed at the high quality of tuition on their videos. Experts in a wide variety of subjects share their … Continue reading

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Puke now

A World Without America No, this time I’m not quoting Chris Morris… the video on that site is for real. Wrong-brained, yes, but real.

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Chris Morris was right #453

“Generally, to start, it’s the one-to-one combat. Two eighteen-month-old babies are placed in the pen, made from old crates or sometimes a plastic paddling pool. They’re held apart when the bets are being made, and then the Baby Man makes … Continue reading

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More carefully chosen amusement products for your leisure hour

I’m doing a lot of laughing this week, it seems. I’m still not entirely clear on where this originated (all links seem to lead to a David Miyamasu) or whether it’s really aimed at non-Christians like me, but I really … Continue reading

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