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Plum Pie

A celebration of our finest humorous writer? At a distinguished bookshop in Mayfair? Plum Pie: The Life & Work of PG Wodehouse With tours of Wodehousean Mayfair by a Lt-Col Murphy? How could a chap possibly miss such an opportunity? … Continue reading

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Loony lefty Gordon must not run our Wether!!! (sic)

So, after 15 years of living in London, I finally see some proper snow! Not only that, but I think this is almost the most snow I’ve ever experienced… probably in 3rd place after my year as a student in … Continue reading

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London from the night air

Via Mike’s Twitter feed, here’s a gobsmackingly amazing set of aerial photographs of London… More of London from above, at night This is actually the second set of Jason Hawkes’s London pictures; the first is equally wonderful, and here… London … Continue reading

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Oh, is it terrorist season again?

Despite the increasing trend for displays of mass (and fake) emotion here in post-Diana Britain, it’s reassuring to note that when the shit really hits the fan, the black humour and quizzically raised eyebrow quickly return. After the 7 July … Continue reading

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That logo again

I’m coming to this a bit late (after a week in Derbyshire followed by a busy week of work) so I’m probably only going to be repeating what everyone else has said, but never mind. Yep, it’s crap, isn’t it? … Continue reading

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Won’t someone think of the PIGEONS?!

Having occasionally been known to post “Have Your Say” comments on news websites, often with tongue planted firmly in cheek, I guffawed heartily at the reader responses to this story from the Surrey Comet… Marksman called in to kill Kingston’s … Continue reading

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Welcome to Ethiopia

For everyone in the South-East, wondering whether or not to start filling saucepans (or for people not in the SE, wondering what the fuss is about) here’s a good BBC article about the figures behind the drought orders… Spin between … Continue reading

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Running as an alternative to powered transport

Network Rail have an unenviable task in repairing and maintaining our rail infrastructure after years of neglect, while trying to create the minimum of disruption to the regular service. In the long run, most rail users would probably accept a … Continue reading

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London bombs… the reactions

Just a follow-up to the previous entry, really. A collection of links relating to the aftermath of the London terrorist attacks… Good comprehensive sources of information can now be found on the BBC’s dedicated mini-site and the Wikipedia entry. The … Continue reading

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London, 7 July, 2005

There isn’t much to say which hasn’t already been said umpteen times. Of course, we’d been told that a major terrorist attack on London was inevitable, but when it’s just a possibility, even just an *inevitability*, it’s always going to … Continue reading

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