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The rise of the glorified security stooge

Some scary abuse-of-power stuff here… The Private Police State Nope, it’s nothing to do with protesting in Parliament Square or marching through Westminster or taking photos of police snipers. It’s about transgressing the arbitrary social code of a bunch of … Continue reading

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London from the night air

Via Mike’s Twitter feed, here’s a gobsmackingly amazing set of aerial photographs of London… More of London from above, at night This is actually the second set of Jason Hawkes’s London pictures; the first is equally wonderful, and here… London … Continue reading

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Photos from Poland

In the gradual process of sorting through the backlog of photos, I’ve now added a selection from our recent Poland trip to my Flickr page… Poland – Sept 2008 (Flickr)

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Housekeeping – Lisbon photos

The backlog of unsorted photos has been building up for a few months now, so I decided it was about time I did something with them. A selection from our September trip to Lisbon is now on Flickr… Lisbon 2007 … Continue reading

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Lazy Easter

Didn’t do a huge amount over Easter… I’ve been pretty busy over the last month or two, so it was good to do some concerted idling (as opposed to my usual random bursts of unplanned idling) and enjoy the weather. … Continue reading

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Hungary in pictures

As mentioned a few days ago, we recently went to Hungary. I’ve now edited the 260 photos down to a “for the family” set and an even smaller “for everyone else, particularly those with short attention spans” set. The latter … Continue reading

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Antipodean Pictures

Well, I intended to do this weeks ago, but time management isn’t one of my greatest skills. Still, it’s better late than never… a selection of photos from our recent trip to Australia is now up on Flickr… Australia 2005 … Continue reading

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The happy unpredictability of the low-res image

I like to keep my Flickr pages up to date with a selection of my latest photographs (yeah, apart from the Australia ones… I’m horribly lazy, I know) and almost all of those photos were taken with the same camera, … Continue reading

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Huuuuuuge photo uploadage

Great news from Vancouver-based photo hosting community Flickr… the long-promised Pro Account is now active! It’s officially only in beta stage at the moment, but when this works out (including the 30% beta discount) at around £46 for two years, … Continue reading

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