London, 7 July, 2005

There isn’t much to say which hasn’t already been said umpteen times.

Of course, we’d been told that a major terrorist attack on London was inevitable, but when it’s just a possibility, even just an *inevitability*, it’s always going to be tomorrow. It only becomes tangible and believable when it’s today.

With the initial flush of information and statistics now over, the media are still in full flow, desperately trying to fill the extended news slots they feel obliged to dedicate to the tragedy. TV reporters are standing in the rain outside every London hospital, gamely parroting everything they’ve learned about the number of patients, the type of injuries, the determined faces of the staff. The red bus and faithful tube train have already been described as precious icons of London. No doubt the newspapers are trying to decide just how many pages to dedicate to the disaster in tomorrow’s edition. The royal wedding got 16 pages? Then no less than 19 will do! Of the terrestrial TV channels, ITV impressed me by managing to establish a few real facts much more quickly than the BBC this morning, but then spoiled it all with their ridiculous “TARGET LONDON” logo on the evening bulletin. I really don’t want to see the tabloids tomorrow.

But at the end of it all, the important points can be covered in just one line. People, just like you and me, were killed on their way to work by other people stupid enough to think they’re following their religion.

Life goes on, though, and Jeremy has the best description…

There is carnage, chaos, destruction and death. The radio schedules have been thrown into confusion. The 6pm news coverage on Radio 4 was suspended when a suspicious vehicle was spotted outside Broadcasting House. Bad Times.

Then, at 7pm, it was all put on hold for The Archers. I cannot think of a more succinct and elegant way to say to those involved, “F**k you, we’re still British and we’re still here”.

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