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The rise of the glorified security stooge

Some scary abuse-of-power stuff here… The Private Police State Nope, it’s nothing to do with protesting in Parliament Square or marching through Westminster or taking photos of police snipers. It’s about transgressing the arbitrary social code of a bunch of … Continue reading

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Ah, Mr Lunatic, here are the asylum keys…

Train firms seek longer contracts (BBC) That’d be the train firms who, despite the promise of £400m of our money over the next two years, still want to be allowed to run things their own way. The train firms who, … Continue reading

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The Ghost Bus

Another year, another set of above-inflation railway fare increases. This has now become so predictable, I can barely bring myself to comment or even pay attention. Luckily, there’s a far more interesting symbol of our bloated, profiteering, bullshit-driven privatised transport … Continue reading

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Sad day for subterranean snifters

Tube booze party ‘irresponsible’ … according to the RMT Union. Yes, but during the course of public drunkenness and anti-establishment revelry, was anyone stabbed, punched, robbed or molested? Nope, doesn’t look like it! [Later edit: Looks like there was some … Continue reading

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Running as an alternative to powered transport

Network Rail have an unenviable task in repairing and maintaining our rail infrastructure after years of neglect, while trying to create the minimum of disruption to the regular service. In the long run, most rail users would probably accept a … Continue reading

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