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Not just geographically local to me, but mostly stuff that’s so parochial, it’ll be of limited interest to most readers.

Downs on the up

I’ve probably been more willing than many British people to try and see a glimmer of silver lining in the Blair->Brown Labour government ever since the honeymoon period ended sometime in mid-1998. But even I’ve pretty much given up hope, … Continue reading

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Loony lefty Gordon must not run our Wether!!! (sic)

So, after 15 years of living in London, I finally see some proper snow! Not only that, but I think this is almost the most snow I’ve ever experienced… probably in 3rd place after my year as a student in … Continue reading

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Garden wildlife

This little chap was hopping around the edge of our lawn the other day. I picked him up to say hello, and he was kind enough to pose for a couple of pictures… That picture’s a bit misleading in terms … Continue reading

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Her Majesty goes phishing

My spam filters tend to grab most of the phishing scam emails doing the rounds (especially those purportedly from Paypal, Ebay or the high street banks) so I never see them. The ones I do see, therefore, have to be … Continue reading

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Three steps to Sven

I’m not sure how much you can credit genetics for your choice of leisure interest, but my obsession with football doesn’t strike me as being particularly unexpected. My grandad, Bill Burnikell, played professionally before WWII (for Lincoln City, Bradford and … Continue reading

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High culture meets low culture

I think the people who rent advertising space for London Underground must have a sense of humour… Or maybe there’s a link between 17th century Dutch art and Ashlee Simpson, and I’m just not seeing it. Yep, that’ll be it.

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Lazy Easter

Didn’t do a huge amount over Easter… I’ve been pretty busy over the last month or two, so it was good to do some concerted idling (as opposed to my usual random bursts of unplanned idling) and enjoy the weather. … Continue reading

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Won’t someone think of the PIGEONS?!

Having occasionally been known to post “Have Your Say” comments on news websites, often with tongue planted firmly in cheek, I guffawed heartily at the reader responses to this story from the Surrey Comet… Marksman called in to kill Kingston’s … Continue reading

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Burn the King!

Greene King boss faces a roasting (BBC News) The boss of the Greene King brewery could have his effigy burnt with that of Guy Fawkes this Sunday as a row with drinkers at a Sussex pub escalates. Of course, Greene … Continue reading

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Shopping in Hell

From a feature in yesterday’s Guardian… It is hard to imagine a better-stocked record shop, yet Beano’s, Lashmar’s labour of love, is soon to close its doors after 31 years of trading… Today, Beano’s is one of three independent retailers … Continue reading

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