Catching up, post-summer 2010

Blimey, didn’t intend that to be quite such a long blog hiatus.

That’s summer for you, I guess… there are always plenty of alternatives to sitting in front of a computer, typing shite. Not that I haven’t been doing any of that; I’ve just been spreading it more thinly. I’m not keen on where this metaphor is going.

Anyway, yes… summer. Spent a pleasant week-and-a-bit exploring Morocco and southern Spain. Marrakech is hectic, colourful, fascinating and incredibly hot in late August. Rabat is less picturesque, but almost certainly a more authentic (and less obviously tourist-centred) view of Morocco. Being by the sea was a lot cooler, but strength-sappingly humid. By way of a quick flight to Malaga, we then spent a few days in Granada, which was beautiful and totally fascinating. Pictures to follow, once I’ve got them up on Flickr.

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