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Yellow peril

Of course, the current crisis in local newspaper production is extremely worrying. We need local newspapers, if only for the occasional gems they publish… Whitstable mum in custard shortage (via Ben Goldacre)

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Feline update

Regular readers will remember the arrival of our two new friends back in September. Well, they’re both considerably bigger, and have learned various useful skills such as walking along the apex of the roof (Merry), finding lumps of moss (Pippin) … Continue reading

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Loony lefty Gordon must not run our Wether!!! (sic)

So, after 15 years of living in London, I finally see some proper snow! Not only that, but I think this is almost the most snow I’ve ever experienced… probably in 3rd place after my year as a student in … Continue reading

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Instead of just wittering…

… I’ve now switched to Twittering No idea if this is going to be something I’ll end up sticking with… you just can’t tell with these clever Web 2.0 thingies. It took me a while to get the urge to … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again…

Duck eaten, christmas pudding eaten, wine drunk, coffee drunk… now trying to find some spare internal space for cheese, biscuits and glögg. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, have a great holiday celebratory thingy!

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Catmas trimmings

The cats have clearly decided to celebrate their first Christmas in style. There are strands of red and green tinsel in their litter tray. I’ll leave you to surmise how the tinsel came to be there…

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Reclaim the (High) Streets!

Call for street canvasser boycott (BBC) Or, to put it another way, death to the chuggers! The town where I live seems to attract lots of market research and lots of charity muggers. The former are annoying, but easy to … Continue reading

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Liquid security

Oh, and speaking of cool Guardian articles, Bruce Schneier says exactly what I think about the hysterical security procedures we all have to endure in airports.

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Not that I usually bother with Halloween, but…

… I just went to Asda for a few trivial bits and bobs, and the total price seemed amusingly appropriate. What’s even weirder is that this isn’t the first time I’ve had a 6.66 receipt from Asda. The previous time … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous doings

Haven’t really felt sufficiently worked up to write about anything specific recently, so here’s some random recent news… First of all, say hello to our new housemates… This is Merry and Pippin (yes, Nicola is a huge LOTR fan). Merry … Continue reading

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