Weird Youtube behaviour

Youtube has been doing weird things to my web browser for a while now. Anyone else getting anything like this?

1. I start off following a link to a video. Here’s an example… Video 1

2. I’m then interested in one of the related videos in the right-hand panel, so I click to watch… Video 2

3. Fine so far. But then I decide to watch the first video again, and click the “back” button in my browser, only to end up here… Video 1, but without the interface

Even if I try to access the first video via my browser’s history list (instead of hitting the back button) I get the same result. And here’s another oddity… I opened a new tab, manually typed “” and got the same strange result.

This seems to happen intermittently, but fairly regularly. I’m using Safari 4 on OSX Leopard, and I’m using the non-HTML5 version of Youtube. I’m starting to wonder whether it’s something to do with my Flash-blocker.

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2 Responses to Weird Youtube behaviour

  1. Steve Dix says:

    This is something to do with various bugs on webkit-based browsers “history” which get exposed by AJAX. What you’re seeing sounds to me as though you’re only getting the refreshed portion of the screen via Ajax. Following the exact same route with Firefox doesn’t give any problems.

    I’ve had similar problems with support of the XMLhttpRequest in Safari when building asychronous applications.

  2. adrian says:

    Ah, that sounds hideously complex but rather likely – thanks Steve!

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