Dates for your diary…

Oops, sorry. Custom Transcription work has been a bit hectic recently, and I’ve been neglecting all this sort of online social stuff. Anyway…

The world is going to end on 21 October, by which time we’ll have spent five months on the Big Naughty Step after Judgement Day. No, really. Well, I say “really”, but who knows what passes for reality in the minds of people like this…

Noah Knew, WeCanKnow! Christ’s Return on Judgment Day: May 21, 2011

I think they’ve planned it pretty badly. They’ve got Judgement Day on a Saturday, but having the world ending on a Friday? Admin nightmare! How are they going to fit it all around the commuter rush?

I find it surprising that anyone still follows the Apocalypticist extremes of religion any more. With a long list of spectacular failures littering the history books, you’d think it’d be pretty difficult to drum up any support for yet another crackpot theory based on a ludicrously selective reading of scripture and some dodgy maths. And of course, this one will probably (crossing my fingers now!) fail, and both 22 May and 22 October will just be regular old days on Earth, with the usual mixture of good, bad, tragic and inconsequential.

But you know what? Being a little serious just for a minute, I’d rather someone organized a mass counter-campaign along these lines…

21 October almost certainly won’t be the end of the world, and we’re going to be here for quite a while yet, so shall we all try a bit harder to improve things people who aren’t getting the best out of the current state of affairs?

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2 Responses to Dates for your diary…

  1. Ian Runciman says:

    No chance, do you really think God would put an end to it before giving us a chance to do the “PROPER” 10th aniversary of the National? As if!

  2. Mark Williams says:

    No much point in going to work in May then, because we aren’t going to get paid.

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