Today’s exciting news

I always mean to blog more about general news stories, but there just isn’t enough time in the day. However, so many interesting and truly significant issues have caught my attention today, so here’s a summary…

Was Shakespeare French? (BBC Radio 4). A locket found in Stratford bears a message (in French) from his mother, using her original French name. Who will we now claim as our greatest ever playwright?

Google launches animal translation service. Unfortunately for iPhone users, this is an Android-only service.

Labour’s election strategy (The Guardian). Their new campaign literature will exploit Gordon Brown’s “hard man” image, with the possibility of a staged fist-fight with posh boy Cameron. Bring it on!

Professor Brian Cox to appear on Coronation Street (Physics World). The inevitable soap debut for the rock star scientist.

Waterloo & City Line to be pedestrianised ( At long last, a sensible policy to cut obesity among city workers commuting from SW London, Hampshire and Surrey.

The Daily Mail. All of it. I mean, how can you tell?

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