The music industry must die, part 293

Lily Allen’s contradictory stance on filesharing was just a bit of silliness, but this is really, really stupid.

Edwin Collins stopped from sharing his music online (Guardian)

Despite astutely retaining the rights to his downright catchy hit “A Girl Like You”, Edwyn has been stopped from sharing the song (HIS song, remember) on his Myspace page. MyspaceMurdochDodgyMediaCorp just can’t get their heads around the fact that he owns it. I mean, what a crazy concept… surely only major labels own songs, right?

All this is like watching the sad, degenerate end of a great era, like those wistful novels about the end of the Edwardian age. I’m just not entirely sure there was ever a “great era” in this case.

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  1. Allegoricus says:

    Have you looked at Tom Robinson’s site?
    Admittedly not MySpace, but he’s been offering the finger to the music industry for quite a while.

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