This blog’s accompanying Posterous

While I’m treading water, dealing with a sudden workload and thinking of more stuff to write about, I’ll draw your attention to my Posterous site…

I like Posterous… it’s such a simple, flawless blog platform, and the simplicity of design (not to mention its seamless integration with other social media) makes it arguably better than these full-fat blogs where we maybe spend too much time thinking about the presentation rather than the content.

My Posterous has a couple of specific uses. It’s for interesting little bits of music, film or whatever that I find online… partly to tell you that I like them, and partly to remind myself that I’ve found them, without adding a lot of short-term stuff to delicious. It’s also there to collect together little bits and bobs that I’ve made, when there isn’t enough of note for a full blog post. Except I’m somewhat creatively challenged at the moment. Ahem.

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