My new screenshot trick

I’ve been using OSX almost since the start (and old-style Macs for a few years before that) so I always tend to skim the “Mac 101″ posts on TUAW. But having idly followed one of their links to the Pro Tips section of Apple’s site, I then found a tip about screenshots.

You know how to do screenshots in OSX, right? Command-shift-3 to create a picture of the whole screen, or command-shift-4 to summon the cross hairs, allowing you to select a specific area of the screen. But I never knew this…

Super-Clean Screenshots

Having pressed command-shift-4, you then hit the spacebar, and the cross hairs change to a camera icon. As you pass the camera icon over various screen elements (application windows, folders, the Dock) they’re highlighted, showing that if you now click the mouse, you’ll create a picture of that element only. Clever!

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3 Responses to My new screenshot trick

  1. Ross says:


    Now, if there’s a way of including the cursor in full-screen grabs…

  2. adrian says:

    Ross – you can do that with Grab (which is well hidden inside the Utilities folder).

  3. Ross says:

    Cool! I’ll have to have a play.

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