The happy unpredictability of the low-res image

I like to keep my Flickr pages up to date with a selection of my latest photographs (yeah, apart from the Australia ones… I’m horribly lazy, I know) and almost all of those photos were taken with the same camera, a Canon A70. It’s a little outdated now (Canon have updated that subsection of the Powershot range a couple of times) but its 3.2 megapixels and range of features are still perfectly adequate for me. I crave much more than point-and-shoot snapshot capability, but I’m not keen on investigating the arcane world of SLRs. Or, for that matter, any additional features/settings that could unduly interrupt the process of capturing a single moment in time. Of course, if you’re taking a photograph of a well-positioned Renaissance church, time isn’t so important (unless the weather is an issue) but most situations involve some sort of movement.

However, that was just a brief aside about why I like my camera. I’ll get to the point.

Browsing the files on my mobile phone the other day, I realised that there were 130 pictures on the memory card. Apart from a couple of isolated examples, I’d never exported any of them from the phone. So, partly as a backup precaution and partly to see what they’d look like on a big screen, I shifted them all into iPhoto and then uploaded the highlights into Flickr.

Go and have a look… they’re all collected in the “Phonecam” photoset.

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