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I’m doing a lot of laughing this week, it seems. I’m still not entirely clear on where this originated (all links seem to lead to a David Miyamasu) or whether it’s really aimed at non-Christians like me, but I really laughed my deuteronomies off at ‘Baby Got Book’ (12.6MB wmv file).

“You Christian brothers just can’t deny
that when a girl walks in with a KJV
and a bookmark in Proverbs you get

A more wry, world-weary kind of laugh came (via BoingBoing) with the story of two well-meaning Colorado teenagers, who decided it’d be a nice gesture to make cookies for all the people in their neighbourhood. Well, I’d be pretty damn chuffed if someone brought me unsolicited cookies, and I know you would be too. However, the big-hearted girls weren’t counting on running into the very worst of modern paranoia culture… one neighbour, a Wanita Renea Young, was so traumatised by hearing someone at the door so late in the evening that she had a panic attack, which she thought was a heart attack. She successfully sued the girls for $900 of medical expenses. It’s a crazy world.

And on more of a geeky trivia theme, CBC (Canada’s public broadcasting service) have produced a nice little photo-essay on the history of portable audio, from the very first pocket (-ish) sized transistor radio to the iPod… Bring the Noise. Okay, the last paragraph sounds a bit too much like it’s been cut’n'pasted from an Apple press release, but it’s a nice little article.

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