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The world has gone mad #472

So, unless you’ve been getting a bit too interested in the old global financial meltdown, you’ll have noticed the whole Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross prank phone call affair. I decided to reserve judgement until I’d actually heard the prank … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous doings

Haven’t really felt sufficiently worked up to write about anything specific recently, so here’s some random recent news… First of all, say hello to our new housemates… This is Merry and Pippin (yes, Nicola is a huge LOTR fan). Merry … Continue reading

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Tom’s Nine Lives

Any Tom Waits fans reading this? Browsing in Waterstones the other day, I noticed this new biography… The Many Lives of Tom Waits A book of collected interviews has been around for a while, but even the thought of reading … Continue reading

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A promise of future happiness

… is the fact that Stephen Fry, the thoroughly splendid fellow, now has a blog. Everyone buy a cake to celebrate!

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Are you familiar with Audioscrobbler? It’s a little tool that works with your computer’s media player (iTunes, Winamp, etc) and uploads your listening habits to a central website. That way, you can marvel at the number of times you’ve listened … Continue reading

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Farväl, Ingmar

Ingmar Bergman 1918-2007 “Vem är du?”… “Jag är döden”

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Inland Empire – a two-word review

Just… WOW !!!!

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Gordon says…

Gordon Brown claims today that the country is turning away from a celebrity culture and insists his seriousness is in tune with a new spirit of the times. (

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Kurt Vonnegut 1922-2007

… has died in New York. One of the most important writers of the twentieth century and a rare example of a cult figure who was also a serious and profound artist. Vonnegut also stands out for me as one … Continue reading

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Your own private picture palace

Matthew Sweet mourns the decline of challenging film presentations on terrestrial TV in yesterday’s Guardian… Where did all the great movies go? I don’t think it’s *quite* as bad as he suggests… there’s a trickle of decent films on BBC4, … Continue reading

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