Selling my Tokai Love Rock

Yep, I’m so bad at selling guitars that I’m now selling another!

This is an early noughties Japanese Love Rock, model LS95F, and obviously it’s left-handed. The “F” indicates that there’s a thin flamed sycamore veneer on top of the usual maple cap. This is common on recent mid-range Love Rocks… it means that they can keep costs down by not having to use expensive flamed maple for cosmetic purposes. But then sycamore is a type of maple, so the tone isn’t going to be affected too much.

I’ve been very careful with this guitar (probably because it’s so damn cute and less obviously utilitarian than some of my other guitars) so it’s almost in “as new” condition. There’s just a couple of belt-buckle dents on the back. Everything is stock apart from the wiring… I installed CTS pots, Orange Drop capacitors and rewired everything to the Gibson 1950s schematic (Gibson and many of the replica manufacturers now use a slightly different wiring scheme, which seems to kill treble frequencies a bit more as you turn the volume down).

Click the photo to go to the Ebay auction page, for bigger photos and more info!

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4 Responses to Selling my Tokai Love Rock

  1. Matt Darcy says:

    what’s with all the guitar clear outs ?

  2. SteveF says:

    Damn your lefthandedness!!! I would have that in a second if it wasn’t backwards! ;o)

  3. Matt Darcy says:

    great flame on that

  4. adrian says:

    Yeah, I’m not normally a fan of sunburst or flamed Les Pauls, but I love them when they’re quite uniformly coloured (ie not too much “burst”) and not too brown. The sale is partly to fund a new arrival… also with a flame top :)

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