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Three days in the life of the Poo Lady

Last week ended triumphantly for “Dr” Gillian McKeith “PhD”, but worryingly for those of us with the capacity for rational thought. The latest PLR statistics for public library borrowing in the UK show the Poo Lady’s books in first and … Continue reading

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I went to the supermarket and I bought…

… a lovely tin of whitewash! Somehow, I just wasn’t surprised by the results of the Competition Commission’s investigation into large supermarket chains and their effects on the grocery market. Where I live in suburban south London, the cushy status … Continue reading

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Burn the King!

Greene King boss faces a roasting (BBC News) The boss of the Greene King brewery could have his effigy burnt with that of Guy Fawkes this Sunday as a row with drinkers at a Sussex pub escalates. Of course, Greene … Continue reading

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Shopping in Hell

From a feature in yesterday’s Guardian… It is hard to imagine a better-stocked record shop, yet Beano’s, Lashmar’s labour of love, is soon to close its doors after 31 years of trading… Today, Beano’s is one of three independent retailers … Continue reading

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The postman who hated junk mail

This made me grin… Anti-junk mail postie loses round In a nutshell, postman Roger Annies distributed leaflets telling residents how they could opt out of the Royal Mail’s ridiculous and annoying junk mail distribution service. Having been suspended, it looks … Continue reading

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How privatised utilities work, part 347

I recently switched my Gas and Electricity suppliers, choosing a dual-fuel deal (with “green electricity”) from Scottish Power in favour of my previous contracts with Npower and Ecotricity. The reasons for this were twofold… I’d recently received a price increase … Continue reading

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Advertising – nowhere to hide

If the BBC interrupted Newsnight with toothpaste adverts, I’d be annoyed. Similarly, if the Houses of Parliament were renamed the Vodafone GovMax! Centre, I’d have a right old rant. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? So when, having bought some Royal … Continue reading

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Lifestyle shopping for idiots

I wonder what she’d gone to buy… a JERKER computer desk, maybe? Or a KLUBBO coffee table? Or maybe just a few pairs of PLASTIS rubber gloves? Whatever, she’s pretty angry. Of course, that may be because a loved one … Continue reading

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Money available

From the Guardian blog… it seems a Londoner, trying to make an online donation to the Tsunami Appeal, found that his use of a “non-standard browser” was construed as a hacking attempt and led to his arrest. Great. I can’t … Continue reading

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Happy new commute!

Another new year, another rail price hike. Price rises at twice the rate of inflation are bad enough, but the BBC table doesn’t give the full story. I bought a one-day Travelcard today (for non-London readers, a ticket giving unlimited … Continue reading

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