Lifestyle shopping for idiots

woman abuses Ikea staff at Edmonton store opening fracasI wonder what she’d gone to buy… a JERKER computer desk, maybe? Or a KLUBBO coffee table? Or maybe just a few pairs of PLASTIS rubber gloves?

Whatever, she’s pretty angry. Of course, that may be because a loved one has been hurt in the crush, but I suspect it’s because she’s missed out on a bargain. Perhaps she was one of those people who abandoned their cars on the North Circular, such was their rush to get to the Ikea store opening.

You know what this picture reminds me of? It’s a bit like an image we’ve seen countless times in newspapers and TV news bulletins… women from Palestine, Israel, Ireland or Fillintheblankland, grieving for their dead fathers, husbands or sons, screaming hysterically at security forces. Think about those images and then look back at this one. Is this a depiction of our society, rich beyond our grandparents’ wildest dreams, hellbent on frenzied consumption and too wound up in our own trivial problems to appreciate our comfortable lifestyle?

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