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Save the libraries!

Today is Save Our Libraries Day, a national day of protest, action and awareness raising against library cuts. I’ve been using libraries for almost my entire life. I can just about (albeit hazily) remember being 3 or 4 and going … Continue reading

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Hacking to the top

Although there’s been plenty of coverage of Andy Coulson‘s resignation this week, amid the increasing significance of the phone-hacking scandal, I’ve been surprised at how the media have chosen to focus on the story. The obvious point to make is … Continue reading

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Using WordPress in a subdomain?

This is pretty niche stuff, but I’m posting it just in case someone else happens to find it useful… If your WordPress blog lives in a subdomain (this one is at, not you may well have problems upgrading … Continue reading

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The return of the album?

I’ve seen a couple of BBC radio and TV news items about the Classic Album Clubs running in a few British pubs. A reaction to the one-song-at-a-time ADHD listening habits fostered by the downloading culture, the clubs have an atmosphere … Continue reading

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Trish Keenan RIP

So sad to hear that Trish Keenan has died from complications caused by the H1N1 virus. I think I get a bit blasé about “celebrity” deaths, as the people seem so distant and unreal, but this really shocked me. Trish … Continue reading

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It happens every year!

… that is, the self-important media pronouncements about our inability to cope with the snow. Why we’re a laughing stock with the rest of the world – David Jones, Daily Mail This bursting urge to point out our national shortcomings … Continue reading

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England – calm down!

It’s been interesting to read/hear the media response to last night’s England-France friendly. On the surface, I think we’re all broadly in agreement… England were lacklustre, France were worthy winners, England still lack technical precision, France have returned from their … Continue reading

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The Roundhouse Zappa festival

At risk of spreading myself too thinly, I also have a couple of Posterous blogs. One of them, SFORZO is just a daft little photoblog for little snaps as I’m bumbling through life. The other one is where I babble … Continue reading

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Literally a joke trial

No point going off on an epic burble here. This is simply the most stupid verdict in British legal history since Judge Pickles said “Raped? I’ll bloody show her what raped feels like!” [Yes, GCHQ, that was a joke. A … Continue reading

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Oh no, it’s the 80s again!

Students rioting, tabloids screaming, Tories ranting… blimey, I’m expecting to see a DeLorean drive past any moment. Most of yesterday *could* be described without too much bluster or complication. Somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 students and education workers marched through … Continue reading

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