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BPI vs CD Wow!

The record industry has long since passed the point of actually caring whether it makes any friends. The latest episode in a PR catalogue of disasters is the successful out-of-court settlement with low-price online CD retailer CD WOW whereby the … Continue reading

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Is the UK music industry full of hot air?

So let’s get this straight. This year, the UK music industry has sold more albums than ever before. Album sales since 1998 (just after the first popular internet explosion) have been on average 40% higher than in 1993. So what’s … Continue reading

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The Great British Music Debate

So, the Great British Music Debate… Organised by BBC Radio 2, this marathon broadcast filled R2′s evening schedule on 2 July. I rarely, if at all, listen to Radio 2, although I support their apparent attempt to cover the popular … Continue reading

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Bill Jehle interview

Regular readers may know that I contribute to the Guitarist Home Recording Collective, a fun little Net community involving guitarists of all styles and ability levels. One of my Collective friends, Bill Jehle, has released an independent CD of his … Continue reading

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iTunes 4 and the Apple Music Store

Apple have released iTunes 4, the latest version of one of my favourite pieces of Mac software. Version 4 comes with AAC encoding and playback facilities; it’s nice to see Apple keeping up with new developments, even if I’m having … Continue reading

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Two in a bar?

As if the music/arts scene in this country wasn’t already buggered enough, the Government is making sure that future generations never experience Real Live Music. It’s all to do with the PEL laws…

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