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Save Bletchley Park

No idea whether these Number 10 petitions ever work, but this is a vitally important campaign… Saving Bletchley Park Would we ever have to petition the government to save the Cabinet War Rooms? No, of course not. In terms of … Continue reading

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Preserve Auschwitz!

Cash crisis threat to Auschwitz (BBC) That’s worrying. I’m amazed that a site of such historical importance could ever find itself in such a precarious financial position… it’s on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites, and Poland is now … Continue reading

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History to cherish and history to be ashamed of

It’s 110 years since the Lumière brothers first demonstrated their “moving pictures” to audiences in Paris… that’s a decent-sized period for which film has been available as a method of recording and interpreting social history. Of course, the medium was … Continue reading

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The Easter break, in pictures

Forcing my reluctant brain back into work after the Easter break. Can’t think of much to write about, so here’s a few pictures of what we managed to do over the four-day holiday… FRIDAY Thanks to the 2-for-1 offer currently … Continue reading

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War begins in the small hours

Well, it’s all started. In the middle of last night, somewhat inevitably, the US launched a small number of cruise missile and bomb strikes against Baghdad. Tony Blair only received two hours’ warning of the attack, which suggests (as did … Continue reading

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Last Friday, four of us went to Belgium for the weekend. Now, Belgium’s always a fine place to visit on account of the fantastic beer culture they have. Add to that the art and architecture of towns such as Bruges, … Continue reading

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Pax Romana – a dissident’s view

The “Pax Romana”, I’ve just learned, ran from about 27BC to 180AD. Given current events and the alleged plans for a “Pax Americana”, it’s interesting to note how Tacitus described the Pax Romana… To plunder, to slaughter, to steal, these … Continue reading

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America, fallacy of WW2 comparisons

Brian Eno talks of how everything that was great about the USA is being eroded by their bunker mentality. (From Time Magazine, quoted by Robert Garvey in the newsgroup) Ben Hammersley, meanwhile, points out the stupidity of those who … Continue reading

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