More for that wall…

Remember I was moaning about Universal Music and their blinkered, litigious greed? Well, how about we move up a level through the music industry hierarchy to that noble umbrella organisation, the Recording Industry Association of America…

RIAA Petitions Judges to Lower Artist Royalties (IGN News)

Basically, the record companies (who are, according to the RIAA, truly wonderful because they “drive revenue”) aren’t earning enough money from modern music delivery technologies such as ringtones and downloads. And here’s the shining, crystalline reason for why the RIAA is called the RIAA and not the “Wonderful World of Lovely Music For All” (or something)… they decide to claw back some revenue by paying their artists less. Yep, the people who make the music, without whom there wouldn’t be a music industry.

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  1. Steve Dix says:

    Did you know that a lot of artists actually don’t see any money from digital downloads at all?! It’s because they weren’t covered in their contracts, and so they get *nothing* until they get to re-negotiate that contract.

    …So, how does the RIAA plan to go lower than zero? I dread to think.

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