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The rise of the glorified security stooge

Some scary abuse-of-power stuff here… The Private Police State Nope, it’s nothing to do with protesting in Parliament Square or marching through Westminster or taking photos of police snipers. It’s about transgressing the arbitrary social code of a bunch of … Continue reading

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Ban the berk (-ah)

This all seems pretty simple to me… you can’t start banning items of clothing. The burqa and niqab are clearly far more controversial and symbolically loaded than the average pair of socks or woolly sweater, but the wholesale ban of … Continue reading

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The end of cheap booze?

I can’t claim to have any revolutionary suggestions for combatting our supposed descent into alcoholic oblivion, but I’m not sure that minimum unit pricing is the answer. Using price controls to affect people’s behaviour is going to be unpredictable when … Continue reading

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So yeah, our electoral system is shite, isn’t it?

Well, we told you so, didn’t we? It’s been screamingly obvious for years, but no one really worried about it because we were all so wound up in the constant tit-for-tat battle to get rid of YOUR LOT and vote … Continue reading

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But despite all that…

… I hope, as the very first (always Sunderland!) result comes in, that you voted. I don’t even care who you voted for, or whether you voted tactically or laid your ideologies bare upon the ballot paper. In this election, … Continue reading

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Tip of the suburban iceberg?

The Philippa Stroud story has received a fair bit of attention on the social networks, despite barely being touched by the mainstream media. It grabbed my attention particularly because she’s standing in Sutton & Cheam. A town where I lived … Continue reading

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The Clegg Effect – the Hatemail bites back

From this… Don’t mention the war. Grow up. (Nick Clegg, Guardian 2002) … to this… Clegg in Nazi slur on UK (Phil Space, Daily Mail 2010) It’s barely worth noting that the Daily Mail (or any other tabloid) would take … Continue reading

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Not taking the hint

So when the leader of the traditionally distant third party pulls off an impressive performance, clearly finding a voice that impresses a disillusioned and jaded public, what do the other two parties do? Raise their game? Re-examine their own policies … Continue reading

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So who voted NO?

So that’s it… the Digital Economy Bill has now progressed through the Commons, not looking quite as scary as it might have done, but still a disastrous chunk of misinformed nonsense. Without any debate, even the few merciful modifications wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Kill the Bill!

The debate over the Digital Economy Bill is turning out to be one of the most shamefully undemocratic episodes of this government. No, actually I mean “… of this parliament”, because the Tories are equally culpable, and even the LibDems … Continue reading

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