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Random thoughts on the continuing war

I haven’t written about the war in Iraq for a while. I’ve talked with friends, both on- and offline, but even though this is a fairly formal, easy-going blog, my intention is to fill the entries with at least partly-considered … Continue reading

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The euphemised language of war

Lubin Odana writes of the effect of war on language. We’ve already had the eye-popping stupidity of Freedom Fries, but look out for lots of euphemistical and tactical mangling of the English language during the coming days/months/years (delete as fatalistically … Continue reading

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Well, the real political effect will be difficult to identify, possibly even non-existant, but the anti-war march in London seemed to go pretty well. The atmosphere was friendly and inclusive and there was a gratifyingly broad range of class, race … Continue reading

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John Le Carré on US/Iraq war

It’s happened again – another excellent article in the Times Online. This time it’s by John Le Carré, talking about the stupidity that is the Bush government and its itching desire to wage war on Iraq.

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Libby Purves on internet child porn

Despite being a guitarist and occasional Who fan, I’m keeping fairly quiet about the whole Pete Townshend thing. I don’t know the facts any more than the tabloid press do, and while I hope Townshend is innocent, it’s perfectly possibly … Continue reading

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