Simplicity is not value for money

Farewell to the SuperSaver as train tickets change to simplify travel (Guardian)

The complexity of the train ticketing system is not the problem. It’s occasionally a minor annoyance, but not a real problem. The problem is the illusion of choice, where only a tiny number of cheap tickets are available, and the majority of available tickets are “full fare”. When the train companies reduce the price of standard tickets by about 50%, we’ll talk.

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  1. Ross says:

    Grrr… don’t get me started! I still fail to see how it costs me three times as much to take the overland into town, compared to the underground.

    Just remember people – if your train/tube is delayed by 15 minutes or more, you can claim the cost of the single (cash) fare back again. And if you use an Oystercard, you effectively make a profit.

    Ross (who’s saved around £200 off of his £1500 annual travel bill).

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