CSS for the stupid and lazy

So… I decided it was high time I made a proper serious grown-up work-related site, saying what I do and how you can pay me to do it for you. At the moment, there’s only a brief mention in one of the pages on this site, and that’s not exactly earning me money.

SUBLIMINAL ADVERT… I can transcribe your favourite guitar parts for you. Go on, it’s not too expensive. Just think how all your friends will envy you as you play that version of the Stairway to Heaven solo from a 1974 bootleg instead of the studio version…

So, anyway… I opened up a text editor and typed all the usual HTML structural bits… head, title, body and various divs for the main bits of the page. And then I opened another file for the CSS. And then it occurred to me that it must be about three years since I did any of this stuff properly. Whenever I’ve rewritten this site, I’ve always just recycled old code; apart from replacing all the tables with proper CSS and installing the Greymatter blogging software a couple of years ago, most of this basic template has remained the same since early 2001. And the upshot of that is that I’ve forgotten all those routine coding tricks I used to use automatically. Nothing like professional web design stuff, but little details I’d found which enabled me to create okay-looking sites with the minimum of code.

I looked through the CSS for this site, I looked at a few of the excellent tutorial sites linked from Jeffrey Zeldman’s ‘externals’ page and I glanced up at the big ‘DHTML and CSS’ book on the shelf.

And then I decided I’d just nick a load of code from other people’s sites. I’ll let you know when it’s done…

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